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How to Prepare for a Makeup Application Session

Preparing your skin for a makeup application session is essential. Doing so will protect, moisturize and nourish your skin. Here are some tips on how to prepare in advance.


Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse and prepare your skin. The cleanser shouldn’t contain any sulfates or harsh chemicals. A natural cleanser prepares, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin. It also helps prevent skin aging as it promotes cell renewal. Apply the cleanser on your face using clean cotton or muslin. Gently massage your face to help the pores clean better.


Exfoliate your skin two times a week. If you exfoliate too much, you can remove too many layers of skin and cause oiliness. You have to allow dead skin cells to accumulate before you exfoliate them. Use a good exfoliator to remove excess gunk and build-up. This will leave your skin refreshed and silky. The smoother the skin, the more flawless and beautiful your makeup will be.

Treat and Moisturize

Healthy and moisturized skin will prevent rough patches or flaking. You can apply a day cream that matches your skin type. This will nourish and balance drier areas, giving your skin a healthier and softer look. If you use the right product, it will absorb excess fat, so your face won’t look oily.

Apply a Primer

A high-quality primer helps the makeup glide on smoothly and makes it last longer. Your skin will also
feel soft and hydrated throughout the day. If you are having the makeup applied professionally, you likely won’t have to worry about this one. Most artists start the session with a good primer as part of their regimen. When in doubt, ask your artist before starting the session.

Preparing the skin is vital to getting that perfect makeup finish you want. As long as you devote some of your time, your skin will definitely look radiant and ready for a thorough application session!

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