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How to Prepare for a Hairdo/Hair Styling Session

Everyone wants to have the perfect hairstyle that last all day. If you are attending a special event and doing your hair on your own, you should practice it before the day of the event. In case you are hiring a stylist to do it for you, it’s best that you schedule a trial session with him or her. You can bring in photos of your desired hairdo to make things easier. Here’s how you should prepare for a hairdo or hair styling session.

Don’t wash your hair

Yes, that’s right! Don’t wash your hair on the day of the styling. Freshly washed hair doesn’t get enough “grip” to keep the hair up because it’s too slippery. You can’t expect your hair to last all day if you do. Wash your hair the day before the event. If you really want to wash your hair, you can just use dry shampoo, sea salt or texture spray.

Use a high-quality hairspray

Test the hairspray first before buying it. A good spray will allow your hair to look great all day. If you are having your hair done professionally, ask the stylist about the grip of the product.

Use mousse properly

Don’t go crazy with mousse. If you are curling your hair, you can use mousse about the size of an egg to hold a curl. This will also create a good foundation for an up-do.

Parting your Hair

If you have a lot of volume, place your part where you want it the day before the event. If you want a side part, you should put it there. Drying the hair in a different location makes it difficult to change the part later. However, if volume is a concern, do the opposite! Ask the stylist to set the part where you want it during the styling session – they will likely use the right holding product for a firm, smooth, and clean look.

Follow these tips, and have your hairdo or style last all day.

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